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Vacations = Return

2015-07-20 08:58:15 by DivoFST

SInce im on vacations from university i thought i should start composing again! I will try to compete in both NGAUC and NGADM, and if i get in im planing on getting some nice songs in it!....i have issues with them too much xD

So yeah, im still alive, and you will hear from me until September at least!

PS: I would like to thank my 2 new fans, i didnt had a new one for.....ages....and it really motivates you to work :)

AudioJungle is awesome!

2014-05-24 14:42:06 by DivoFST

This year i discovered AudioJungle and started looking into SFX and hooked...

If you want to visit my page or buy something here it is!

I guess this works as a portfolio as well xD

Return of a me!

2014-03-13 13:25:04 by DivoFST

Its a me! Divo! I will be making my return to NG with some songs these next weeks so stay tuned!! :D

New Fan :D

2013-12-08 10:26:28 by DivoFST

Is there a better way to wake up in the morning that finding out you have a new fan without posting anything new? I LOVE IT!


2013-10-28 18:34:46 by DivoFST

Il be posting a song for the Spooktacular contest soon :D

Offer!! Fan for review time!

2013-10-13 10:13:30 by DivoFST

Finally i surpassed the first frontier, 50 fans!
To celebrate this achievement i am offering a free review to every new fan from now until next Sunday night, just fan me and leave a comment on this page. If i like your work i might review more than 1 thing and even fan you back obviously :)
So, let the fanning Begin!!!

Offer!! Fan for review time!

Where are you?

2013-09-09 12:44:36 by DivoFST

Oh, glad you asked!
Im working on some new songs that might or might not see the daylight xD
And certainly lurking the Audio Forum daily :D
Got eliminated on the NGADM and that was a bummer but im looking forward to enter some more contests :)

PS: Decided to use Strong,Emphasis and Underline for no reason whatsoever xD
PS2 : I had 46 fans, now i have sad, someone left me :(
PS3: skills?? Hell yeah!
PS4: Better than X-box One i heard..

Where are you?


2013-07-20 10:43:23 by DivoFST

I made it through the audition round and i am one of the 64 lucky participants on NG Champions League, the NGADM!!
My opponent is Wolftacular, i heard some of his work and i must say he is great, also he uses a lot of vocals so i expect this to be a vocal vs vocal fight!
Good luck to everyone, and good luck Wolftacular, lets make this battle an amazing one!

So..what am i doing?

2013-05-30 08:01:18 by DivoFST

Little update..
Im taking part in the A.I.M contest, hosted by realfaction and the NGMT , hosted by my friend skyewintrest.
Im also finishing up an ending song i made for a flash series called High Seas Honey by MissColleenJay.

Since the NGMT contest makes its contestants secret i wont be uploading it soon, the other 2 songs (AIM and ending credits) will probably be submitted this next week :)
I also have 3 songs apart from these in production...cant give a date to those..
Soo...yeah...good luck to everyone in these contests!

Yay im productive again!

2013-03-26 14:03:59 by DivoFST

Im still working on those 2 songs i announced in my previous Newspost, the 8 bit and the Psychedelic Rock one and now since there seems to be 2 new contests i might be entering those too so lots of music this next days from me :D
So iv started a song for the NATA contest that will be called "Ode to Grief" and i am planing to do at least one more for the contest, maybe "Ode to Bliss" or "Ode to Anger" it depends on my inspiration.
The other contest is "N G A P 10th Anniversary Contest", it looks like a really fun contest but i still havnt started working for it so cant really advance any details at all.
I am hoping that after i submit these 3 or 4 songs ill reach the 30 fan mark..that would be cool!
Im also returning to making reviews on random and friends songs, im sorry iv been absent so long in this matter :S
Good luck to every one participating in any of the 3 contests!!

Yay im productive again!