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Entry #20

Vacations = Return

2015-07-20 08:58:15 by DivoFST

SInce im on vacations from university i thought i should start composing again! I will try to compete in both NGAUC and NGADM, and if i get in im planing on getting some nice songs in it!....i have issues with them too much xD

So yeah, im still alive, and you will hear from me until September at least!

PS: I would like to thank my 2 new fans, i didnt had a new one for.....ages....and it really motivates you to work :)


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2015-07-20 12:10:29

it's always struggle with music and actual school sigh, at least you're getting the time to focus on it hehe, but right? I feel the same way about contests but we'll see ;)

DivoFST responds:

Its hard to make those two work together...but still, if i tried harder probly i could compose bad :(
Good luck in the contests Saucybird!!!