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New songs on their way :D

2013-03-10 23:39:33 by DivoFST

I have 2 new songs i started working on this week, its a simple 8 bit song for the MAC contest where my goals are simple, to try a new genre! 8bit is really fun and i have never done a song in that genre so its going to be a new and enriching experience!
The other song i am working on is going to be a return to the genre i liked the most, Psychedelic Rock!
Its gonna feature Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Dreamy pads and im aiming for a simple yet beautiful result :D
Both of them are going to be submitted this month so... don't forget to review once they are out!


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2013-03-11 23:42:06

>:D I am simply waiting for your chiptune. Come at me bro!

DivoFST responds:

Dont be it will probably suck xD