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February, February...

2013-02-13 13:14:37 by DivoFST

Oh February, February so small and yet giving me no inspiration at all...
I just finished my Submission for MAC13 and learned some things while doing it that will be useful in the future :)
Now, February is still halfway and i'm currently not involved in any project so i'm thinking about returning to the psychedelic with vocals style before the month is over...that is if inspiration strikes me...
Soooo yeah..pretty useless news post but the one i had before this was getting old xD
See ya buddies and Fans!


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2013-02-14 12:00:42

Good work. Checking out now.

DivoFST responds:

Its "meh"....still decent i guess, if i actually go ahead with the vocal song i would apreciate all the reviews though :D