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The end of Dreams of Splendor

2013-02-04 12:31:46 by DivoFST

The contest has ended and i got a modest 23rd place out of 49 entries.
While my final position is not good iv learned a lot by participating and had the chance to better myself in several aspects.
I was aiming at a better position in the beginning but that changed after i heard most of the submissions and after a total of 49 songs were submitted to the contest. At that point i stopped having any expectations about this contest so i cant say im disappointed with the 23rd place, i was kind of expecting a middle table ranking...its actually top half so it could be worse xD
Congrats to Buoy, Skye and Trois for their podium and unique contributions!


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2013-02-04 20:55:38

:D I'm right after u the 24th.

DivoFST responds:

Hey not a tale to tell our grandchildren one day but could be a hell of a lot worse xD
its top half! xD