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Bosa's Dreams of Splendor

2013-01-13 09:14:51 by DivoFST

The challenge has begun!
For the first time in my entire history as a musician i plan on using the full extent of time that has been given to contestants to make my song instead of working hard one day and then adding some details on the others.
If anyone's interested its going to be a progressive sad song with some psychedelic features and might have vocals, its basically a very Divo"ish" song :)
My goal on this particular competition is not to win but to make a song i can truly call my best!
Good luck to everyone involved and great job joining the big dogs Bosa!


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2013-01-13 12:08:52

Good luck!

DivoFST responds:

Good luck to you also good sir!


2013-01-13 12:43:26

Best luck man. I can't wait to see what you are going to come up.

DivoFST responds:

Im pretty curious to see all those amazing songs being submited to the contest!


2013-01-28 21:00:24

Good luck, sir! May the most devoted and inspired individual win!