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My NG career in 2012

2012-12-31 12:47:09 by DivoFST

This was the year i decided to start posting decent songs and try to make a name for myself here on Newgrounds. I started with no fans and ended the year with 22 that is curiously my age as well xD
I participated in as much contests as i could to make people know me and to improve as an artist, in some of them i failed like in the dance NAC, the RAC7 and the Christmas contests, on the other hand i had moderate success with the:
4th place in Madness day with "OUTMiNd!!"
2nd place in Oct. Nac 12 with "The Malum Ghosts"
4th place in Spooktacular with "March of the Damned"
3rd place in Nov. Nac 12 with "Smile"

I cant say im either happy nor sad with my progress in making music this year, i feel like i progressed a lot but i also feel like i could have progressed more.
I have hopes that in 2013 i can finally get my first win :D

I hope you can all have an amazing 2013!!


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2012-12-31 13:31:35


DivoFST responds:

Im not sure what you mean by that..


2013-01-06 11:43:38

Hey I just discover you sir. You have very interesting musical skills and I love to listen to them.

DivoFST responds:

Thanks you very much sir!