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Month of October

2012-11-13 17:32:46 by DivoFST

With the results of Halloween being revealed a few minutes ago i can finally close the page that was October and its scary themes.
I was hoping to rank podiums on both the Halloween and on NAC 12 since the topic on both was something dark and scary, and those are probably some of my favorite things to compose about.
I accomplished my objective by getting 2nd place on NAC 12, the victory went to zipzipper and his amazing song.
The Halloween contest however i let myself down and failed to get to the podium, i got 4th place. Even though i am happy to be top 5 i am also a bit sad that i couldn't reach the podium with my personal favorite piece so far.
Well now to November i am hoping to be a part of the NAC and MAC and also i am a part of Quest for the King by Bosa, not like October, in November i am competing for the experience and not for the podium mainly because i don't have much expectations for the NAC and MAC, and the piece i submited for Bosa's QftK is not nearly as good as what i wanted to have.
Good luck if you are competing in these contests!


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2012-11-14 10:41:26

One thing you learn from Chron's contest, don't miss the pot.

Even if you make an amazing song but it doesn't hit the right theme, you are out. Chron doesn't care if you make a shit song with washing machine, if it's on the path, then you are the winner.

DivoFST responds:

LOL, thats a bit drastic, but yes from what iv seen topic has greater importance than the composition in the NAC, and that's understandable i guess.


2012-11-16 16:38:29

My name is cast and I'm starving to death. Please help me.