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2012-10-11 18:19:16 by DivoFST

I never posted anything on my profile before and that has a pretty simple explanation....4 fans, yeah....even though i love all of you 4 i also know you all and the particular song that made you my "fans", i hope that someday ill lose count of all the faces that are my fans but so far that is not the case ..
Anyway...ill write this for all those that pass by my page and not only my fans so that you know the things that i am working in and possibly make you interested in listening to it once i post..or not...who knows xD
Soooo to the real deal, i am working in 3 songs at the moment. One of them is something i like to do a lot and has been more and more the genre i am more at ease, its a psychedelic song heavily inspired by The Mars Volta, it will probably be posted on NG around October 20 if you are interested. The other 2 songs i am working on are for the october contests going on, the usual NAC 12 for which i am making a song inspired by a story i wrote to get inspiration for the track. The other one is Halloween Spooktacular and i am doing my best to do good on this contest and possibly better than in the Madness competition where i got 4th place.
Not sure if doing this was worth it but i am not going to delete it now...xD


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2012-10-27 14:47:19

5 fans now!

Congrats on NAC!

DivoFST responds:

They are actually 10 becoming a star xD